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Bill Apro and Greame Hammond: Hackers
The Proactive Defence
Bill Apro & Graeme Hammond: Hackers
Hunt for Australia´s Most Infamous Computer Cracker
Hackers - Book cover By the late 1980s the Internet, though already 20 years old, was still a communications facility whose existence was known to a select few: academics, large corporations, computer buffs … and an underground network of computer hackers.

When Bill Apro, as a young police officer restricted to a dull desk job, began out or curiosity to delve into the mysterious world of computer networks, he discovered he could venture far further than he expected, unearthing information he never expected to find.
It was that discovery that ultimately led him on a hunt that resulted in the arrest and prosecution of a gifted Melbourne teenage hacker who called himself Phoenix whose motives seemed to point towards a sinister goal of corporate blackmail and international espionage.
‘The implications of what Apro found—, and, vitally, what computer security experts see today—is something that should concern us all,’ says Graeme Hammond.
Phoenix was just the sort of intruder universities, corporations and government departments had most cause to fear in the late 1980s. Combining doggedness, arrogance and brilliant computer skills, he had for years evaded computer security experts, the US Secret Service and Australia´s police forces as he crept through the world´s most sensitive computer systems, bragging of his exploits as he went.
It took a special type of cop to bring Phoenix down—and Bill Apro, a young Australian Federal Police officer, was that cop. To Apro it was clear that catching hackers would require new policing methods, so he began to delve deeper into the furtive world of computer hacking.
With a determination that bordered on an obsession, Apro began to build his own hackers database and went undercover to rub shoulders with some of the world´s top hackers. He watched from the shadows as Phoenix cruised through the nascent Internet, snatching information about nuclear weapons testing, corporate secrets and the security vulnerabilities on major computer systems.
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