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Bill Apro and Greame Hammond: Hackers
The Proactive Defence
Security Awareness
Consider the following:
As a senior member of a company you are of the opinion that your computer security policies provide a protected environment for the protection of internal and external interests. Your Computer Security Administrator asserts, via regular reports, that there are no problems within his/her department. You have not received any reports from any of your departmental heads about any computer security issues that need to be dealt with immediately.
You are enjoying a quiet Sunday with the family and in the back of your mind you are quietly confident that there really is no problem contrary to other reports you have viewed detailing the enormous computer hacking activity supposedly taking place in the country.

The predicament here is that the reports do not actually demonstrate that computer crimes do in fact exist. These are statistics only and as you are well aware these figures may be exaggerated or understated for a variety of reasons. The issue here is to realise that the facts related to the existence of computer crimes is inconclusive. This is where we come knocking at your door to tell you a fact. Computer crimes, in Australia and worldwide, do exist.
We are constantly knocking on doors informing senior management that "You Have a Problem".
It is not a pleasant meeting after an enjoyable Sunday with the family or friends. It becomes even more unpleasant when you learn that the company has been penetrated to such an extent that it costs shareholders millions or even billions a year in intellectual property losses.
Contact us for a confidential meeting if you are not sure of whether computer crimes or espionage exist within the company.