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Bill Apro and Greame Hammond: Hackers
The Proactive Defence
Proactive Analysis
In other words, proactive investigations.
We conduct both internal and external analysis (including international investigations). CIO´s and CSO´s should consider the following when requesting our service. Ensure that there is a good source of information from either your audit or compliance department.

We will also assist you in recommending whether state or federal police should be involved. If there are no requirements to report suspected criminal activities to the authorities we will assist you, if you elect to use civil action. It is imperative that this be implemented in your policy manual in order to assist us in our investigation.
Proactive Analysis Investigations may also include fraud, embezzlement allegations or espionage.
Understanding the methodologies of hackers provides us with leading technical penetration techniques included but not limited to the following:
- Intercepting Communications
- Data Leakage
- LAN Packet Capturing
- Wireless Communications
- Trapping Login Information
- Breaching Access Controls
- Brute Force Attacks
- Intelligent Guesswork
- Stealing
- Dumpster Diving
- Discarded Magnetic Media
- Spying
- Penetration Testing and Techniques
- Penetration via Web Sites
- Common Scans
· TCPConnect
· Stealth Scans
· IP Protocol Scans
· ACK Scans
· RPC Scan
· FTP Bounce
· Ping Sweeps
· OS Fingerprinting
· Reverse Ident Scanning
- Basic Exploits
· Buffer Overflow
· Password Cracking
· Reverse Ident Scanning
- Rootkits
· Trojan Horse
· Backdoors
Computer Forensics
Computer forensics Former Australian Federal Police officers, including civilian employees, fill these positions. We have a close network with current law enforcement agencies and share information with other forensic experts worldwide.
The main emphasis is to ensure that any evidence obtained by our computer forensics examiners is admissible in a court of law. The initial seizure of evidence is the most critical part of the forensic examination. Our forensic examiners provide documentation which is necessary for the seized material to be introduced as evidence in a criminal proceeding. All evidence is correctly preserved and restored. A completed report detailing all our findings will be provided.
Data Recovery
Data Recovery We provide professional data recovery services for all types of hard disk drives, CD, DVD, floppy diskettes and magnetic tapes, whether it has been soaked or burnt.
The process of data recovery varies according to the type of storage media.
Floppy diskettes, CD´s, DVD´s and various types of flash memory cards. Data recovery is done in a single phase, without preliminary examination, at a fixed price.

In the case of hard disks and magnetic tapes, data recovery jobs are undertaken in two phases.
1| Diagnosis
The result of the diagnostics examination will answer the following:
Is the a theoretical chance to rescue data (are there magnetic signals at all)?
If there are, is our technology suitable for data recovery?
If so, under what conditions (price, time frame) can we undertake the data recovery job?
2| Data recovery
This starts when an agreement has been made about the conditions of data recovery (deadlines, etc). The said technology is used in this phase, except that the first move is to backup magnetic data to a new storage unit. Data recovery attempts are made on this new unit, in order to preserve the integrity of the original storage media.